• Priserna inkluderar:
    • tävlingsavgift för ett lag (2 personer)
    • 2 x simmössa
    • dricka och snacks vid tankningsstationer
    • varm soppa vid målgången
    • buffet bord efter tävlingen
    • Avslappnande bastutut i vår strandbastu
    • Solvalla Swimrun minnespris
    • De tre första lagen i varje serie belönas
  • Sista anmälningsdag: 19.9.2018. Efter detta kan förfrågningar om anmälningsläget skickas till
  • Efteranmälningar tas emot på plats under tävlingsdagen fram till kl. 08:30. Efteranmälningspriset är:
    • Sprint 165 €
    • Endurance 195 €
    • ÖtillÖ Meri Race 210 €
  • Övernattning:
    • Enkel 62€ / gäst
    • Dubbel 45€ / gäst
    • För mera information om övernattningsmöjligheter kontakta oss
  • Bussförbindelse från Helsingfors-Vanda flygfält till Solvalla Idrottsinstitut ordnas fredagen den 21.9.2018 kl. 17:00 & 19:00. Pris: 15 euro/lag. Kan bokas i samband med online registrering eller genom att kontakta oss


Varför Solvalla Swimrun?


Av Solvalla Swimruns deltagare rekommenderar Solvalla Swimrun varmt till sina vänner och bekanta


A big thank you to your team for organizing such a great well planned and executed event and the friendly hosting. A hug on the finish line is more than a tired swim runner could ask for 🙂and it made all the difference.



The nature and the path you had chosen for the race were excellent. The switch from the swim and the run parts and the intervals were designed well and balanced. The trace over the path, the buoy in and at the exit of the swimming stations were clear and visible. It was impossible to get lost.

Participants in the ÖtillÖ Merit Race 2016


We truly loved your race! Extremely well organised and friendly atmosphere. We appreciated the reactivity of the correspondence with you before the race and that you were there to greet us when we finished. The race was tough but fun, beautiful and well marked and the swimming parts were magical!!! The lakeside sauna session and the buffet after the race were gold. We almost did not want to leave! We give you 5 of 5 stars!

Participants in the Endurance Race


”Great trails, atmosphere and race organisation 🙂

Solvalla Swimrun participant 2016



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