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On this page you can find all the information you need about Solvalla Swimrun and how to prepare for the race.

What is Swimrun?36444906834_c8f3678e46_o

Swimrun is an endurance sport, in which you run and swim along a set course. This means that you run between lakes and swim over the lakes without stopping in between. As you switch between running and swimming many times during the course you complete the whole course in the same gear.

One of the best things about Swimrun is that, unlike triathlon, you simply put your kit on,  cross the start line and keep moving. There is no need to change equipment or gear at any time. Another unique thing about Swimrun is that the rules allow you to use additional equipment to help you complete the race. For example swimming with flotation aids. Managing all your equipment can, however, take some practice.

We recommend that you keep it as simple as possible in the beginning  and just enjoy the movement and journey! As you get more comfortable swimming in your trainers and running in your wetsuit you can introduce other bits of kit. Scroll down to read more about the kit.

Enjoy the nature and the experience

Swimrun is not only about the competition  but about the experience, the adventure and the closeness to nature. Swimrun is performed on nature’s terms, which adds an extra element to each individual race.







At Solvalla Swimrun we want to emphasize the experience, and give you a memory for life. It’s not always about the competition and the finish but about the journey.


Swimrun gear_DSC7608 (1)

Teams need to bring all their equipment from start to finish. If a team fails to bring all their equipment to the finish line they might face disqualification.

All equipment, including snacks and such, have to be labelled with participant name, team name or number.

Mandatory equipment


There are many different types of wet suits. Our partner
Head Swimming offers wetsuits 37189451002_82ae57b763_ospecifically tailored for swimrun. The wet suits designed specifically for Swimrun usually have a zip on both the front and back, so that you can easily remove the top half if you get hot during the running parts. They also tend to have a whistle fastened in the zip.

A traditional wetsuit can also be worn, it might just take a while to get used to running in it.

At Solvalla Swimrun we do not require you to wear any specific wet suit when you compete. However, we recommend that you use a wet suit, in which you feel comfortable swimming when the water temperature is between 11-15c. The wet suit can be either short or long sleeved.

Find out more about wetsuits for Swimrun on’s net shop>>

Race Bib

It is mandatory to wear the race bib you get from Solvalla Swimrun during the whole race. As we strive to be a green race and be respectful towards the nature we aim to reuse the race bibs next year. Please help us do this by returning the race bib when you have finished the race.


Solvalla Swimrun provides you with a cap for the race. The race cap is yours to keep after the race. If you want you can wear another swimming cap underneath, which will keep you warmer.



GPS-watch or compassR_fenix5x_HR_1718

For safety reasons all teams need a GPS watch or compass. This is to make sure you will find your way back if you for some reason get lost on the track. Our partner Garmin offers ideal GPS watches for swimrun. For instance, the Fenix5 Multisport watches allows you to access to a map.

Familiarise yourself with the watch here >> 

First aid equipment

All teams need to have the following equipment with them during the competition:

  • 1 First aid pressure bandage, packed waterproof
  • 2 Whistles, 1 per person
  • 1 Emergency blanket (Avaruuspeite/huopa) / team

Random gear checks will be conducted before and after the race. Teams that are not able to show the mandatory equipment at gear check may face disqualification.

During a Swimrun event you don’t change your kit –  you swim in your trainers and run in your wet suit. Therefore you should choose shoes that are light weight, buoyant and that drain well. It is also important that the shoes are a good fit to stop them from falling off when you swim. Other characteristics you should check are that the shoes have somewhat good grip as you will be running over rocks. There are many different types of shoes you can use. Look at the different types here >>

Optional equipment

Most teams use goggles when participating in swimrun, however, many go without goggles. Even though goggles serve a purpose by protecting your eyes and providing vision in and under water, you still have to carry them along all the time. At Solvalla Swimrun we recommend that you have googles suitable for open water swimming. Look at different alternatives here >>

There are different sizes and types of hand paddles to fit swimrunners on all levels. The paddles can be used to improve your technique and increase your power during the swimming sessions. Familiarise yourself with different alternatives>>  

Pull buoy
A pull buoy or leg float is a figure-eight shaped piece of closed-cell foam used in swim workouts. The buoy is placed between your thighs or ankles to provide support to the body without kicking your legs; this allows you to focus on your arms and rest your hips and legs during the swimming sessions. Familiarise yourself with different alternatives>>

Pull cord
The main use of the pull cord is to help pull the weaker swimmer during the swims or help pull the weaker runner during tough uphill sessions. However, many teams still opt for racing without one.

About Solvalla Swimrun and our races

The Solvalla Swimrun history in brief:

  • 2014: Solvalla Swimrun was the first Swimrun competition to be held in Finland.
    16 teams competed in the full distance race, which was the only distance to be arranged. In 2014 Solvalla Swimrun became an ÖtillÖ Partner Race.
  • 2015: the participation number doubled and the sprint race was organized for the first time.
  • 2016: about 72 teams participated in Solvalla Swimrun
  • 2017:  Solvalla Swimrun Endurance route was launched
    • 96 teams were on the start line.
    • All ÖtillÖ Partner races, including Solvalla Swimrun, became ÖtillÖ Merit races.


The Solvalla Swimrun distances – which race should I choose?

In Solvalla Swimrun there are different distances: Sprint, Endurance and the ÖtillÖ Merit Race.

Solvalla Swimrun Sprint

  • If you are a beginner to swimrun and just want to try out the sport and enjoy the 37071389386_f8264746c9_kexperience, we recommend you to take part in the Sprint Race. The Sprint Race does not require hardcore training to complete. However, some
    basic endurance training and swimming training is recommended. The Solvalla Swimrun Sprint Race is quite technical, so we recommend you to stay alert during the running sessions! Read more about the Sprint Race>>

Solvalla Swimrun Endurance

  • Do you have a background in endurance sports, or have  youparticipated in 36964275160_ea4f5056db_hswimrun Sprint Races before?  If the answer is yes Solvalla Swimrun Endurance might be the best fit for you! The Endurance route is 25 km of which 3,5 km is swimming. As this distance is longer than the sprint race it naturally requires a higher level of endurance resistance from you than the Sprint Race. The running sessions in Solvalla Swimrun Endurance are not as technical as in the sprint distance, but there are very tough elements in this race. One of this element is  the notorious Swinghill downhill skiing slope, which crowns the race. Read more about the Endurance Race >>

ÖillÖ Merit Race37140351511_a9a248b989_o

  • Do you have a history of extreme sports, triathlon, aquathlon or long distance trail running? Then challenge yourself with ÖtillÖ Merit Race! The Solvalla Swimrun ÖtillÖ Merit Race is a total of 38,8 km, of which 5,8 km is swimming. The ÖtillÖ Merit Race is a combination of the Sprint and Endurance routes, which means that you will encounter both technical running paths and trails, fast running trails and tough vertical elements! Read more about the ÖtillÖ Merit Race>>

Route information 2018

In 2018 the route will be the same as in 2017. Some smaller changes will be made in the climb located at the downhill skiingslope Swinghill, which can be found on the Endurance and ÖtillÖ Merit Race routes. You can familiarise yourself with last year’s map and the distances here:

*The official map for 2018 will be published in Autumn.​

Sprint race distances

Endurance race distances

Merit Race Distances

Estimated passing times at service stations and Cut off times for all routes: solvalla-swimrun-timetable and cut off times

Solvalla Swimrun Service Stops

Solvalla Swimrun has several service stops. The Sprint Race has one stop, the Endurance Race has 3 stops and the Merit Race has 5 stops. The complete list of what will be provided at each stop will be launched about 1 month before the race.

On these service stops we offer:36507343174_409a064501_k

At the finish line we offer our famous hot tomato soup by Villa Solvalla and after the race you can enjoy Villa Solvalla’s after race buffet.


Training for Solvalla Swimrun

As swimrun is classed as an extreme sport, some training and basic endurance level is 36468909983_ac8c56ecfa_ohighly recommended before you set off on the course.

A good way to start training is to start doing some trail running and train free style swimming. At Solvalla Swimrun we also offer free training sessions, during which you can familiarize yourself with the sport and meet other swimrunners.

The Solvalla Swimrun training sessions:

June 12th at 18:00
June 19th at 18:00

More training sessions will be held in summer. Stay tuned for more information.

Please remember that there are a set amount of places available for each session, so remember to register on time!

Sporttaamo’s “on the road to Solvalla Swimrun” training course

Sporttaamo organises varios SwimRun courses for both beginners and experienced swimrunners. These courses are ideal for you who wish to improve your swimming and or running technique, network and find a partner for Solvalla Swimrun!

Familiarize yourself with Sporttaamo’s courses here

Sporttaamo logo



Why Solvalla Swimrun?


of the Solvalla Swimrun participants are extremely satisfied with the race and strongly recommend Solvalla Swimrun to their friends!

“A big thank you to your team for organizing such a great well planned and executed event and the friendly hosting. A hug on the finish line is more than a tired swim runner could ask for 🙂 and it made all the difference.”


“The nature and the path you had chosen for the race were excellent. The switch from the swim and the run parts and the intervals were designed well and balanced. The trace over the path, the buoy in and at the exit of the swimming stations were clear and visible. It was impossible to get lost.”

Participants in the ÖtillÖ Merit Race 2016

“We truly loved your race! Extremely well organised and friendly atmosphere. We appreciated the reactivity of the correspondence with you before the race and that you were there to greet us when we finished. The race was tough but fun, beautiful and well marked and the swimming parts were magical!!! The lakeside sauna session and the buffet after the race were gold. We almost did not want to leave! We give you 5 of 5 stars!”

Participants in the Endurance Race 2017

“Great trails, atmosphere and race organisation :)”

Solvalla Swimrun participant 2016

“Great trails, atmosphere and race organisation 🙂 Very challenging competition, much more challenging than Stockholm Swimrun and Amfibiemannen in Sweden, but not impossible if you don’t let the cold waters stop you”

ÖtillÖ Merit Race participant in 2016


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