Race Day Information


Spectators are encouraged to come to Solvalla to cheer on the teams!

  • Merit Race start: 10:00, Solvalla Arena
  • Endurance Start: 11:00, Solvalla Arena
  • Sprint Start: 12:00, Solvalla Arena

The expected finishing time is 14:00 – 19:00 at the Solvalla Arena.

For a more detailed race schedule see this link: Solvalla Swimrun preliminary race schedule and the racers estimated passing times at different stations

Good spectator spots:

Kattilajärvi: The busiest spot on the race. Here both Sprint and Full distance teams have their service stops and enter lake Kattilajärvi.

Haukkalampi: Here the full distance teams can be seen in swimming action!

Swinghill: Here the Merit Race and Endurance teams face their last challenge before finishing the race!

Start & finish: Solvalla Arena

Recommended spectator Spots:

Solvalla Swimrun 2017 (1)

1. Solvalla Arena

2. Kattilajärvi

3. Haukkalampi

4. Swinghill

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