Environmental responsibility (ENG)

At Solvalla Swimrun we are greatful for the beautiful nature that allows us to arrange our race in such beautiful landscapes. We aim to be a green race and promote sustainability in order for us to be able to create races many more years to come.

We do the following to protect the beautiful environment:

  • Collect all race bibs after the race, and aim to reuse them in coming races. Please return your bib after the race.
  • Racers are not allowed to leave any trash or equipment on the track. All trash and equipment need to be taken to the finish line or thrown in bins at the service stations.
  • Racers who deliberately leaves trash in the nature may be subjected to disqualification.

The amount of cups used in Sports Events is huge, which takes its toll on the environment. Inspired by our fellow ÖtillÖ Merit Races we aim to reduce the amount of paper cups used in our race.  Therefore we encourage all teams to bring their own cups or/flasks to Solvalla Swimrun.


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