Because of the nature’s everlasting changes in Nuuksio National Park, our route may also need some minor updates.

This is the preliminary route for Solvalla Swimrun 2017. The 2018 route will be published in spring 2018.

Solvalla Swimrun 2017 (1)

  • Solvalla Swimrun Sprint: Running 12 km, Swimming 2,4km. Vertical: 675m *
  • Solvalla Swimrun Endurance: Running 21km, Swimming 3,4km. Vertical: 500m*
  • Solvalla Swimrun ÖtillÖ Merit Race: Running 33km, Swimming 5,8km.*

    * The routes may be subjected to change

Information for the registered teams:

Below you can find the routes for the previous races:


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