About Solvalla Swimrun

Swimrum is a competition where a team consisting of two persons run from one lake to another and then swim over the lakes. Solvalla Swimrun organizes three different races: Solvalla Swimrun – Ötillö Merit Race, Solvalla Swimrun -Endurance and Solvalla Swimrun – Sprint. There are three competition classes in each race: women’s, men’s and mixed

Solvalla Swimrun is proud to be an ÖTILLÖ Merit race. This means that through

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participating in the Solvalla Swimrun main distance you collect points towards the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun ranking system. Every year teams are then selected to take part in ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship based on ranking in the end of the year. The total length of the main distance Solvalla Swimrun – Ötillö Merit Race is 40 km, of which 6 km is swimming.

Solvalla Swimrun Sprint is an excellent opportunity for those interested in trying swimrun and enjoy the event, the atmosphere and the beautiful landscapes Solvalla and Noux National Park has to offer. The Swimrun Sprint is a race, which consists of 13 km running and 2km swimming.

The Solvalla Swimrun Endurance race is a new race for 2017 and provides an excellent opportunity for those who want to step up from the Swimrun Sprint race to the next level. The endurance race is more challenging than the sprint race and depending on your targets you can either enjoy the event, the atmosphere and the beautiful landscapes or turn your competition mode on!

Solvalla Swimrun is also a part of the Swimrun Finland Tour 2017!swmrunfin_pieni





The registration for Solvalla Swimrun has started, don’t miss out on this opportunity of challenging yourself in an atmosphere of fun and team spirit!





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