Solvalla Swimrun September 21st, 2019

Challenge yourself with Solvalla Swimrun - A tough race performed in extremely beautiful Finnish forest landscapes. We promise you an amazing and tough experience in a friendly atmosphere.

Solvalla Swimrun

Solvalla Swimrun is organised for the 6th time in Noux National Park, located in Espoo, Finland on the 21st September, 2019. The race goes trough the challenging and ever changing and extremely beautiful, Finnish forest landscapes. As Solvalla Swimrun is an event that emphasizes team spirit, amazing experiences and beautiful nature  you complete the race in pairs running together from one lake to another and then swimming over the lakes. Grab your favorite person, choose a race and register for  either the women’s, men’s or mixed series.

Solvalla swimrun consists of three different races:



The Solvalla Swimrun ÖtillÖ Merit Race is a total of 38,8 km, of which 5,8 km is swimming. The ÖtillÖ Merit Race is a combination of the Sprint and Endurance routes, which means that you will encounter both technical running paths and trails, fast running trails and tough vertical elements! Read more>>





The Endurance route is 25 km of which 3,5 km is swimming. As this distance is longer than the sprint race, it naturally requires a higher level of endurance resistance from the participants than the Sprint Race. The running sessions in Solvalla Swimrun Endurance are not as technical as in the Sprint distance, but there are still very tough elements in this race.  Read more >>





The Solvalla Swimrun Sprint race is an extraordinary experience for you who want to try out the sport and enjoy the experience. The Sprint race is a total of 15 km, of which 2,5 km is swimming. The race is quite technical, so we recommend you to stay alert during the running session! Read more >>




of you who have participated in Solvalla Swimrun, have been extremely satisfied with the race and strongly recommend Solvalla Swimrun to your friends!


“A big thank you to your team for organizing such a great well planned and executed event and the friendly hosting. A hug on the finish line is more than a tired swim runner could ask for 🙂 and it made all the difference.”



The nature and the path you had chosen for the race were excellent. The switch from the swim and the run parts and the intervals were designed well and balanced. The trace over the path, the buoy in and at the exit of the swimming stations were clear and visible. It was impossible to get lost.

Participants in the ÖtillÖ Merit Race 2016


We truly loved your race! Extremely well organised and friendly atmosphere. We appreciated the reactivity of the correspondence with you before the race and that you were there to greet us when we finished. The race was tough but fun, beautiful and well marked and the swimming parts were magical!!! The lakeside sauna session and the buffet after the race were gold. We almost did not want to leave! We give you 5 of 5 stars!

Participants in the Endurance Race 2017


“Great trails, atmosphere and race organisation 🙂

Solvalla Swimrun participant 2016


Join the Solvalla Swimrun adventure! #amazingnaturetoughrace






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